printing processes


Embroidery is a way of of putting a logo on a garment. Starts off by putting a frame over your garment and backing fabric is added to the logo area. This keeps the garment in place while it is being stitched. Sometimes the frame might leave a mark but it can be easly be washed off. The actual process of embroidery is carried out by computerised embroidery machines. Your logo is digitised and transfered to the machine with the process begins by a single press of a button. We only use the best threads and machines to get the job done.

Direct to Garment Printing (DTG/DTF)

DGT, or Direct to Garment print, is a methord that applys ink directly to the garment. To ensure that the product looks the best it can we use a specialst printer is required, as well as specialst ink which is absorbed by the fibres of the garment. Before being printed we add something called a fixing agent to helpthe colour adhere to the garments. This type of print is best used for logos and multipul colours.

Transfer Printing

The best way to think of transfer is comparable to the names and numbers on the back of a football shirt. a sheet of vinyl is cut into the shape of your logo or design, then flipped and heat sealed onto the garment using a heat press. This type of print is very good for less complexe design with less colours, typically only 1-2 colours would be standerd for for this type of print.

Print and Cut Transfer (Versa Camm)

This type of print is a wide inkjet printer equipped with integrated precision conour cutting. First we would take the design and send it to the the Versa Camm it then cuts out the deaign. Then it is heat pressed onto your garment. This type of print can have as many colours as you want there isnt really a limt on it.

Sublimation Printing (White Garments),Promotional Items

Dye sublimation printing is a method that transfers ink from paper to fabric, creamic,metal and plastics using a heat press.

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